The Physical World.

People and assets can be located programmatically. Estimote's invisible technology makes things happen magically in the right place and at the right time.

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An API for the real world

Movements and interactions trigger digital events.

   {customer: "046e7922", action: "enteredStore", timestamp: "1500996351" }
   {product: "d0107e43" state: "inUse", duration: "52" }
   > StoreManager.find("closest").notify()

These events can be captured and easily turned into relevant actions. Using data and software automation, a new frontier of real-world apps is possible.

   let zone = ProximityZone(range: .near, key: "type", value: "lobby")
   zone.onEnterAction = { attachment in
     let venue = attachment["venue"]
     notifyFrontDesk(at: venue, customer: self.customer)
     showUserNotification("Welcome to \(venue), somebody will be with you shortly.")
    let monitoringManager = ESTMonitoringManager()

    func monitoringManager(manager: ESTMonitoringManager,
                           didEnterRangeOfIdentifier id: String) {
      ESTBeaconDetails(identifier: id).get { (details)
        if user.isFirstTimeIn(details.geoLocation) {
          showNotification("See our recommendations!")
        } else {
          showNotification("Welcome back to \(!")

See other examples and the full Estimote Beacons SDK on our GitHub and Developer Docs pages. We're constantly improving and innovating our SDKs and our development team would love to hear your feedback.

An operating system for the physical world

Apps designed for one location can easily be run in many others. Our easy-to-install location intelligence software can deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Estimote scalable systems

How does the technology work?

Ubiquitous computing is here. Tiny inexpensive wireless computers are everywhere. They are in our pockets, or embedded into our surroundings and nearby objects. They talk to each other by sending ambient radio signals.

Estimote Sensors

Estimote SDK can be embedded into mobile apps, which can then use signals from built-in sensors or nearby beacons to estimate the context and micro-location of an event.

With our simple API, developers can easily build proximity or indoor location applications and trigger pre-programmed actions or send relevant messages.

What are the most popular applications?

Oh, there are many! The best are those that automate processes, remove friction, or deliver magical experiences.

Guggenheim Museum usecase

Guggenheim Museum logo

Improving the visitor experiences
in one of the world's largest museums

Many museums are transforming thanks to technology. They are adding interactivity and magic to the visitor experience. Estimote Beacons have helped the Guggenheim in New York to be at the forefront of this process.

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Stadium FC Barcelona usecase

FC Barcelona logo

Smart spaces in Camp Nou,
the legendary stadium of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is an icon. It is a symbol for locals in Catalonia and the best football team in the world for millions of fans across the globe. The club uses Estimote Beacons to transform the in-stadium experience for its guests.

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In fact, Estimote technology powers the largest and the most innovative commercial iBeacon deployments. Fortune 100 companies as well as startups and top agencies use our stack to build software for the physical world.

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Awesome technology! How can I get started?

Join the community of more than 200,000 pioneers building apps for the physical world using iBeacons, Bluetooth beacons, UWB, mesh, and indoor location.

Estimote SDK
Estimote SDK

Start now with our SDK

To begin just get our Software Development Kit. You will be up and running with your demos and prototypes in minutes.

You can also learn more on our Blog. Visit Developer Portal or browse the largest community forum related to Bluetooth sensors, iBeacon, Eddystone or indoor location. You can always Contact us to learn more.

Try our Software Platform!

If you are done prototyping and plan to deploy your apps across hundreds of locations our SaaS subscription is right for you. We've built the features, applications, and RESTful APIs you'll need across your project life cycle.

For smooth installation use our Deployment Tools to configure and deploy beacons in bulk. Once your beacons are installed use our Management RESTful API and Cloud Dashboard to monitor your fleet or update them remotely. Next, use our Analytics RESTful API to derive valuable location insights from your data or activate Infrastructure Sharing, our built-in provisioning system to securely share your beacon network with selected third-party apps.

Contact Sales Team
Contact Sales Team

Why choose Estimote?

We have been working with sensor networks and low-power software since 2012. Our engineering team was the first to ship iBeacon-compatible beacons and our designers set the standard for the look and feel of Bluetooth beacons.

We have successfully supported more than 50,000 customers globally, by helping them to prototype, deploy, or scale almost every type of proximity, asset tracking or indoor location application. Fortune 100 companies, the world's most creative agencies, as well as innovative startups choose our reliable and easy-to-develop stack.

Our customers and our vibrant community of 200,000 developers love our products and our iterative approach to the Geo-IoT space. We run fast as a company. We adopt new technologies and ship innovations at an unprecedented pace.

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We are a full-stack team of individuals in San Francisco, New York, and Krakow, Europe. We are committed to this space for the long haul. Our venture is supported by top Silicon Valley investors, who are helping us with our mission to create an operating system for the physical world.