Workplace safety with wearables

The contact tracing dashboard notifies all exposed team members and protects your entire workforce


How does it work?

Team members use small, wireless devices which remind them to keep a safe distance and register direct contact exposure

Wearables transmit encrypted short-range wireless signals. Other wearables pick up these signals and vibrate if they are too close. They also remember these direct contact interactions.
In the event that an employee develops symptoms, they can push the button to report their status. Only then can the company generate a contact tracing report to protect team members.
Team members who have been exposed are immediately notified about the possibility of a quarantine. No personal details of affected individuals are shared beyond authorized HR personnel.
Employees are equipped with a wireless, wearable device. A full charge, which only takes 40 minutes to achieve, will power the device for an entire week.

Contact tracing dashboard

In the event of a symptomatic employee, companies can quickly locate other exposed team members who are at risk

wearable dashboard

Safety wearable

Wirelessly chargeable with programmable panic button, buzzer and vibration

wearable device
Respects employee privacy
All interactions are stored anonymously and the list of exposed employees is generated only when symptoms are reported.
Real time reporting
Employees can immediately report their health status to accelerate escalation and quarantine procedures.
Social distancing stats
Anonymized data helps measure the effectiveness of social distancing behavior in the workplace.
Local and secure database
Co-worker interactions are secure and can be stored in a containerized safe environment of an existing data-center.
Easy to deploy
Wearable self-contained devices are easy to distribute and work out of the box for all types of employees.
Programmable and future-proof
Devices are fully programmable with our Web IDE and can be re-programmed to act as panic buttons or asset trackers.

Indoor GPS

Wearables can also scan for Bluetooth beacons installed in the workplace to identify and map safe and pre-authorized zones

Companies can trace exposed areas of the facility
Data-driven disinfection can be organized to protect other co-workers
Wearables can also scan for Bluetooth beacons to enable indoor tracing

Different form-factors

Wearables are available in other form factors for different workforce requirements

wearable form factors

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