Press Kit

Estimote LTE Beacon

Our latest beacon seamlessly integrates LTE-M/NB-IoT, GNSS, and Bluetooth radios and it's programmable using JavaScript.

Estimote Beacons

They are the most popular and most robust beacons on the market. Used by startups and large companies to deliver location and context information to smartphones.

Proximity Dev Kit

Proximity Dev Kit

Estimote Stickers

Stickers are the world's smallest beacons. They have built-in sensors and can inform nearby phones not only about proximity, but also interactions with real-world objects.

Company logo & branding

The company name is a combination of two words "estimate" (for example user location, context or in-store traffic), and "mote" which in wireless sensor network theory is a single element of mesh network. "Mote" (meaning "speck of dust") is also a play on words since future sensors and beacons will fall into the "smart dust" category.

Founders of Estimote

Estimote was created by founders with engineering backgrounds and all passionate about mobile, sensors and the future of contextual computing.