Indoor positioning system for mobile devices that's easy to deploy and scale out. Works out of the box and is fully customizable to your needs.

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  • visibility

    Find rooms and coworkers

    Save time by finding the person you need for a crucial meeting. And make it a breeze to find the most convenient, available room.

  • automate

    Add contextual information to your venue

    Provide additional, hyper-local information and relevant directions based on a user's position.

  • clock

    Get utilization reports

    Use real data to understand usage patterns of your space, to measure people flow, to and improve the efficiency of your infrastructure.

How does it work?

Estimote experts and tools help you take a tailored solution from concept to scale. We take care of the technology and setup, so you can focus on the results.

  • Setup location

    Set up your location

    Provide us with the floor plan and dimensions of the space you want to map.

  • Deploy beacons

    Deploy beacons

    Attach Estimote Beacons in the points specified by our deployment instructions.

  • Integrate SDK

    Integrate SDK

    Locate people and get directions using a dedicated mobile app or web dashboard.

Locate & navigate

Get instant information on the position of the people and rooms you search for. No more running around the office to find the last empty conference room; find the nearest one, and navigate straight to it.

What are the use cases?

These are just a few examples of how our indoor positioning system can improve the user experience or make your business more efficient.


Hospitals – finding doctors

Pagers and PA systems are a thing of the past. With Estimote, you can immediately call on the relevant specialist, and get them on the operating floor ASAP, by the shortest possible route.


Offices – finding conference rooms

Save meeting time by finding — and navigating to —the closest available conference room, instead of scrambling to get to a free one at the last moment.


Navigation in shopping malls

Get customers to your store with no distractions and wrong turns along the way. Provide them turn-by-turn directions to get to you, and continue with a flawless contextual experience in-store. Finding the right store attendant is now just a tap away, too.



Provide additional information about works of art based on the precise position of the visitor and the direction they're facing at any given time.

Wether it's indoor positioning or navigation in offices, hospitals, shopping malls, or airports, we can help. If you would like to learn more about the possible solutions, contact our experts.

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Product details

Everything you need for an indoor positioning & navigation system tailored to your needs.

location beacon

All the necessary tools
for indoor positioning & navigation

Estimote's platform with its robust feature set gives you all the necessary components to leverage a tailored indoor positioning & navigation solution.

  • Search


    Enter a coworker's name or search for a room and instantly get its current position and its position history.

  • Navigation

    Multi-floor navigation

    Find your way through multiple floors of a building thanks to a full indoor positioning context.

  • POIs

    User-defined POIs

    Provide both pre-defined and customizable points of interest as triggers for specific interactions.

  • multiplatform


    Get equally precise position data on both Android and iOS.

  • deployment tools

    Deployment tools

    Take advantage of precise step-by-step instructions for your specific location and of Estimote's dedicated helper tools.

  • API


    Leverage Estimote's web API to get real-time position updates on your users, analyze traffic flow, and create heatmaps.

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  • Find the best architecture
  • Prepare a Proof of Concept deployment
  • Explain possible integrations