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The most innovative teams use our hardware and software products to increase safety and productivity in their workplaces

Workplace safety wearable for compliance and tracing
AI Beacon with UWB for LTE connected asset tracking
Bluetooth beacons used for proximity and indoor location
IoT prototyping platform to help create smart products

Typical use-cases

The most progressive companies use our products in a wide range of proximity and location applications

Other use-cases?

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Workplace safety with wearables

The contact tracing dashboard notifies all exposed team members and protects your entire workforce

Respects employee privacy
All interactions are stored anonymously and the list of exposed employees is generated only when symptoms are reported.
Real time reporting
Employees can immediately report their health status to accelerate escalation and quarantine procedures.
Social distancing stats
Anonymized data helps measure the effectiveness of social distancing behavior in the workplace.
Local and secure database
Co-worker interactions are secure and can be stored in a containerized safe environment of an existing data-center.
Easy to deploy
Wearable self-contained devices are easy to distribute and work out of the box for all types of employees.
Programmable and future-proof
Devices are fully programmable with our Web IDE and can be re-programmed to act as panic buttons or asset trackers.

AI Beacons with UWB and LTE-M/NB-IoT

Our programmable beacons are the most robust IoT prototyping platform on the market

Fully programmable in Javascript
Access all the radios programmatically and build own applications using the most popular language for developers.
Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip
Explore next-gen indoor positioning and navigation with inch precision location tech using new UWB radio.
Smart IMU with Machine Learning Core
Teach your beacon any type of gesture to preserve its battery life or enable new type of interactions.
Rechargeable battery
Enjoy more than 2 years of battery life of simple beaconing or connect the device to USB-C for constant data streaming.
LTE-M / NB IoT Connectivity
Send and receive data directly to/from the cloud using global connectivity.
Bluetooth 5
Turn it into an ordinary Bluetooth beacon or turn it into a gateway that scans for other BLE beacons.

The world's most iconic Bluetooth beacon

Popular and reliable proximity beacon that supports many microlocation use cases

Reliable enter/exit events
Tested with a community of 200K developers, our beacons provide the most reliable experience for iOS and Android.
Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone
Our beacons are compatible with the most popular beacon packets and can broadcast them simultaneously.
Fully configurable
UUIDs, interval and other parameters are fully configurable using our mobile apps, SDKs or using the cloud dashboard.
Waterproof enclosure
Made from zero-waste silicone with built-in strong adhesive and hidden screw compartment that simplifies deployments.
Long battery life
Sold since 2012, our beacons have demonstrated on average 4-5 years of battery life for typical proximity use-cases.
Short lead time
Shipped in millions of units our beacons are available for bulk orders with quick global delivery.

IoT prototyping platform

With our programmable platform we can help you quickly embed smart firmware into any product and form-factor

Use Javascript to prototype your products
With our Web IDE you can quickly build any IoT application using modern wireless radio technologies.
Prototype is worth 100 of meetings
Build and demonstrate your idea in hours not weeks. Test early with pilot users and stakeholders.
Prototype, pilot, scale!
With our proven methodology we can help you bring your hardware/software ideas to the market with surprising speed.
Add location intelligence to your products
Make your products respond to micro-location and user gestures. Build truly smart devices.