Estimote Indoor Location

Map any space using Estimote Beacons
and visualize your location within it in real-time.

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What is Indoor Location?

Building the next generation of context-aware mobile apps requires more than just iBeacon™ hardware. Developers need smarter software: tools that give them control over proximity and position within a given space, without unnecessary hassle.

Estimote Indoor Location does just that. It makes it incredibly easy and quick to map any location. Once done, you can use our SDK to visualize your approximate position within that space in real-time, in your own app.

Indoor Location creates a rich canvas upon which to build powerful new mobile experiences, from in-venue analytics and proximity marketing to frictionless payments and personalized shopping.

How does Indoor Location work?

Start with Estimote Beacons, the most popular iBeacon™ compatible hardware on the market. They are production ready and add contextual intelligence to any physical space.

The mapping process is simple and fast. Start by placing one beacon immediately to the right of the room’s entrance. Affix a single beacon in the center of each of the remaining walls.

To “draw” the room, walk from beacon to beacon, keeping as close to the perimeter of the space as possible. While walking, hold your phone in front of you. Stop at each beacon along the way, tapping your phone next to it, to complete the one-time configuration process.

Once complete, your location is automatically saved in Estimote Cloud, and you can use our SDK to see real-time user positions within that space.

How many beacons do I need?


Location Dev Kits

Estimote Location Beacons Developer Kit

2 Location Dev Kits

Estimote Indoor Location works exclusively with Estimote Location Beacons, the most popular iBeacon™ compatible hardware on the market. They are production ready and designed to be attached to static points inside a space.

For a standard rectangular- or square-shaped room, you will need a minimum of six beacons. This covers one per wall, and 2 additional beacons required to improve accuracy.

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Indoor Location code

      let manager = EILIndoorLocationManager()
      let coffeeMachinePosition = EILPoint.pointWithX(3.0, y: 4.0)
      EILRequestFetchLocation(locationIdentifier: "my-kitchen")
          .sendRequestWithCompletion { (myKitchen) in
      func indoorLocationManager(manager: EILIndoorLocationManager,
                                 didUpdatePosition position: EILOrientedPoint,
                                 inLocation location: EILLocation) {
          NSLog("x: \(position.x), y: \(position.y), α: \(position.orientation)")
          if position.distanceToPoint(coffeeMachinePosition) < 1.5 {
            // display a notification

If you want to read more about our Indoor Location SDK, visit our documentation:

Get the Estimote Indoor Location SDK from Github

Still have more questions?

We actively support over 25,000 developers worldwide working with our products. We’ve answered some of the most frequently answered questions about Estimote Indoor Location below.


Does Indoor Location work with Estimote Stickers or Proximity Beacons?

Indoor Location only works with Location Beacons. Stickers were designed to attach to physical objects, and Proximity Beacons are meant for general proximity in static locations and venues.

How many beacons do I need for my venue?

You need at least one Estimote Beacon per each wall of the room.

How long does it take to go through the setup process?

Depending on the size of the location you’re mapping, the whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete. The app will provide you with all necessary instructions, you can also find them here.


What kind of location can I map with current app?

At the moment, you can map only individual rooms. It works best in standard rectangular or square-shaped rooms. Future versions will allow for multiple rooms, non-standard shapes, etc.

Are there any limitations of the location that I should be aware of?

Please bear in mind that various surfaces can cause interference with Bluetooth signals, including glass and metal. You can use additional beacons to counter any interference in the room.

What’s the accuracy of Estimote Indoor Location?

The average accuracy is 0.5-1 meter but results may vary depending on configuration and the physical environment of your location.


What apps can I build with it?

You tell us! From indoor mapping and navigation solutions to real-world analytics and visualizing heats maps of indoor spaces, the possibilities are endless. How about a game of Pac-Man where it’s your colleagues chasing you, not some pixels on the screen chasing other pixels!

Is Indoor Location available on Android?

The Indoor Location SDK is available for iOS only.

How do I incorporate the location which was set up using the Estimote app into my own application?

Use the Indoor Location SDK to import the location metadata from Estimote Cloud into your own app and provide it with Indoor Location context! For more details, check out our guide to Indoor Location SDK.