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Place our tiny beacons at any location or stick to any object 
to create new, contextually rich mobile experiences.

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What are Estimote Beacons?

Estimote Beacons are tiny computers. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart module, temperature and motion sensor, they broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas.

Smart devices in range receive those signals and compatible apps can then respond. The exact form of that response - whether a notification or another action - is up to you; the possibilities are unlimited.

Estimote’s SDK and Cloud platform tie everything together by granting apps full access to beacons’ settings and collected data. They also enable security and advanced analytics on top of the hardware.

How do I boost consumer interest with beacons?

Beacons allow smartphones to “see” more of the world around them. Engage your customer smarter by delivering personalised experiences. Estimote Beacons are Apple iBeacon™ certified hardware and ready for deployment at scale.

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How do I get started?

More than 50% of Fortune 100 companies are using Estimote Beacons to boost their sales and improve customer insight. Start prototyping iBeacon enabled apps and we will help you pitch it to your clients.


Estimote Beacons Developer Kit

Estimote Beacons Estimote Beacons Developer Kit

Dev Kit with 3 Beacons

  • Default battery life 3 years (possible to extend to 5+ years)
  • ARM M0 Cortex, BLE, motion & temperature sensors
  • Omnidirectional antenna with configurable range, up to 70m
  • Infrastructure easy to share with your clients and partners
  • Ready to connect with your backend and CMS via RESTful API
  • Configurable UUID + encrypted Secure UUID mode
  • SDK used by more than 45,000 developers
  • Over-the-air firmware and security upgrades
  • Remote fleet management and analytics dashboard
  • iOS and Android compatibility, RESTful APIs

Estimote Beacon certifications

We ship worldwide daily and deliver in up to 5 days.

Download our apps to demo and configure your beacons.

Still have questions?

We've been developing beacon technologies since 2012, and have a dedicated team supporting more than 45,000 developers worldwide. We've probably answered more questions about beacons than anyone in the industry and have been perfecting our hardware ever since.

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